SunTouch® UnderFloor™ Mats 12" Wide 120v

SunTouch UnderFloor Heating Mats 12" Wide 120v
SunTouch® UnderFloor™ Mats 12" Wide 120v
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Product Description

Experience up to 15°F more warmth on most floors, and between 6° and 10°F more warmth on carpet with SunTouch Electric UnderFloor Heating Mats. These mats are installed under existing floors and offer radiant floor warmth year-round. UnderFloor Heating Mats are the perfect solution for nearly every type of floor covering. These special electric floor heating mats warm existing floors without having to replace the floor coverings. Simply staple UnderFloor heating mats between the joists. The end result will be warm, comfortable, heated floors from SunTouch.

Installation is simple. Unroll and staple mats into your joist bays, 2 inches from the subfloor. Remember, mats are designed to fit in just one bay at a time. Mount junction boxes in accessible locations. Connect mats to power supply in parallel at junction boxes. Always follow electrical and building codes, using conduit and electrical boxes where needed. Limit 15 amps per thermostat.

After connecting your SunStat thermostat and testing the system, install R-11 to R-19 fiberglass batt insulation up to the mats. Also install insulation vertically at the ends of the joist bays or 6 inches after the mat ends.

Product Specifications

SKU: st_81007
Manufacturer: SunTouch
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty

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