NobleSealant 150 Waterproofing Sealant and Seamer

NobleSealant 150 Waterproofing Seamer
NobleSealant 150 Waterproofing Sealant and Seamer

Product Description

NobleSealant 150 Waterproofing Sealant and Seamer is used as a sealant around drains for penetrations in membranes and seaming one sheet to another. The surface must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and grease. Use a heavy-duty commercial caulking gun to apply. Contains porpylacetate. Store below 85 Farhenheit. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or inhalation of vapors. Use with adequate ventilation.


  • Synthetic co-polymer rubber-high solids.
  • Excellent o-zone, sunlight and weathering resistance.
  • Adheres to wood, metal, concrete, glass, plastic and rubber.
  • Broad temperature use range (-65F to 122F).
  • Three-year shelf life at room temperature if unopened.


Use enough NobleSealant 150 to insure water-tightness. If necessary, use a putty knife or margin trowel to spread sealant and insure adequate coverage to make penetration(s) watertight.


  1. Overlap sheets approximately 2".
    (NOTE: Polyester fabric does not need to be removed.)
  2. Apply 1/8" bead of sealant 1/4" from edge of bottom sheet.
  3. Apply second bead 3/4" from edge of bottom sheet.
    (NOTE: Beads must be parallel and continuous without voids or skips.)
  4. To seal, press overlapped sheets toghether and use a trowel or hand roller to flatten beads.


Allow NobleSealant 150 to cure for at least 30 minutes prior to conducting a flood test. If a leak is found, repair the leak and retest. When flood test results indicate that the installation is waterproof, the installation can continue.
NOTE: Although the seam is waterprooof in 30 minutes, shear strenght of the sealant increases as it cures. Environmental conditions (e.g., air flow, temperature and gumidity) may affect curing times.


NobleSealant 150 can be used:

  • to seam (join) sheets
  • to seal all penetrations of the memberane
  • to probive a seal between the waterproof membrane and clamping ring drain
  • as a terminal edge and flashing sealant
  • to adhere outside corners to the waterproofing membrane and bond the corner(s)to wall

NOTE: NobleSealant 150 has excellent adhesive properties and may also be used to spot bond the sheet to vertical or horizontal surfaces.


1/8" bead diameter: 150 L/F
3/16" bead diameter: 70 L/F

Product Specifications

SKU: nobleseal
Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Noble Co
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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