Radiant Floor Heating Wire

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  • Nuheat Cable System

    Nuheat Cable System for In-Floor Heating - 240v

    $201.36 to $998.07
    Shipping: Free
    Nuheat Cable is part of the Nuheat Floor Heating System and allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room.
  • MasterHeat In Slab Heating Cables - 240 VAC

    MasterHeat In Slab Heating Cables - 240 VAC

    $732.11 to $1,063.72
    Shipping: Free
    The MasterHeat In Slab Heating Cables feature a tough polyurethane outer jacket for strength and flexibility, and produce enough BTUs to heat a concrete slab, the air space, and the slab surface.
  • MasterHeat Uncoated Radiant Floor Heating Wire - 240v

    MasterHeat Uncoated In Floor Heating Wire - 240v

    $131.34 to $588.20
    Shipping: Free
    MasterHeat Uncoated In-Floor Heating Wire works great with RPM Mats and is a high quality and affordable floor heating cable.
  • SunTouch WarmWire - Coated - 240v

    SunTouch WarmWire Coated Cables - 3" 240v

    $157.95 to $672.95
    Shipping: Standard
    SunTouch WarmWire Cables are part of the SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating System which is an ideal and economical and lasting way to heat areas in your home or business.
  • Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable - 240v

    Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E-HK Cable - 240V

    $166.92 to $819.05
    Shipping: Free w/ $99 Order
    Schluter Ditra Heat Cables are twisted pair heating cables designed for integration with Ditra Heat Uncoupling Membrane for interior radiant heating systems.
  • MasterHeat 240v Coated Floor Heating Wire Spools - 2.5" spacing

    MasterHeat Coated In Floor Heating Wire Spool - 2.5" 240v

    $137.91 to $617.61
    Shipping: Free
    The 240v MasterHeat Coated Radiant Floor Heating Wire is a flexible coated wire for floor heating installations and can be used with RPM mats, or our wire strapping.

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6 Item(s)

Electric in-floor heating wire is the most cost effective and flexible way to install in floor heating. The wire is available coated or uncoated, and is installed using special RPM mats or strung along metal straps attached to the slab or sub-floor. The wires can be used to heat a small powder room, or areas up to 240 sq. ft. By running multiple wires in parallel, larger areas can be heated with a single controller. MasterHeat in floor heating wire and accessories are available individually or in kit form. Browse our selection and don't hesitate to call or chat with us if you have questions!