Radiant Floor Heating

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  • SunTouch WarmWire Kits 3" 240v

    SunTouch WarmWire Kits 3" 240v

    $960.95 to $2,308.95
    Shipping: Standard
    Each SunTouch WarmWire Kit includes; WarmWire, cable straps, double sided tape, Loudmouth Installation Monitor, and SunStat Command thermostat.
  • SunTouch TapeMat Kits with SunStat 500850 Thermostat

    SunTouch® TapeMat™ Kits 2' wide 240v w/SunStat 500850

    $2,053.00 to $3,446.00
    Shipping: Standard
    Each 240v SunTouch TapeMat Kit comes with a Touchscreen Thermostat, Loudmouth, tape, and 2 ft wide electric floor warming mats with an open-weave design.
  • SunTouch WarmWire - Coated - 240v

    SunTouch WarmWire Coated Cables - 3" 240v

    $157.95 to $672.95
    Shipping: Standard
    SunTouch WarmWire Cables are part of the SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating System which is an ideal and economical and lasting way to heat areas in your home or business.
  • SunTouch TapeMat - 2' - 240v

    SunTouch® TapeMats™ 2' wide 240v - Various Sizes

    $216.95 to $1,893.95
    Shipping: Standard
    The Suntouch TapeMat is an electric floor warming mat with an open-weave design and a double-sided taped edge providing an easy 1-step mortar installation.
  • SunTouch SlabHeat Cables - 240v

    SunTouch® SlabHeat™ Cables 240v

    $519.95 to $999.95
    Shipping: Standard
    Heat your cold concrete floor with SlabHeat. Great for basements, garages, additions or just about any environment.

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)

We carry a full line of our own MasterHeat radiant floor heating, along with Nuheat, Suntouch and Ditra Heat from Schluter. Electric radiant floor heating is a cost effective way to heat a home, with an average operating cost of about a dime a day. Electric in floor heating can be installed in wire or mat form. Wire is strung by hand on either special mats, or using specialized hardware attached to the floor. In mat form, the wire is prestrung, and the mat is simply laid on the floor and secured with double sided tape. In both cases, the heating wires are then covered in cement mortar.