Rubi TR-S Series Tile Cutters w/ Case 17940

Rubi TR-S Series Tile Cutter

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Rubi TR-S Series Tile Cutters w/ Case 17940

Product Description

The TR-600-S is an ideal cutter for porcelain tiles. It features 1,300 lbs of breaking power and a swivel square. Includes one 6mm (1/4") and one 10mm (3/8") carbide scoring wheels and carrying case. 

  • Multipoint breaker for accurate "point to point" diagonal cuts.
  • Central pivot swivel square for quick & precise measurements of angular cuts.
  • Double guide for better visibility of the scoring and cutting line.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels for every material to maximize performance and cutting quality.
  • Chromed and rectified steel guides, with anti-rust treatment.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Base supports large format tiles.
  • Two-layer base with shock absorption effect.
  • Highly resistant aluminium base.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels from 1/4"(6mm) to 7/8" (22mm).
  • 1/4"(6mm) & 13/32"(10mm) scoring wheels included. 
  • Comes with transport case.
  TR-600 S
Max Cut Length 24"
Tile Thickness 1/4-9/16''
Diagonally Cuts 17" x 17"'
Max cutting height 1/4 - 5/8"
Separator power 1323 lbs.
Weight 31 lb

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Rubi Tools
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
Max Length of Cut (in.): 28"

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