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  • (NEW MODEL) JW-650STWAM - 25-1/2" Ishii Tile Cutter

    Ishii Tile Cutter - Big Clinker

    $136.74 to $274.13
    Shipping: Free
    The Big Clinker - Ishii Tile Cutter comes in 19", 22-3/4", 25-1/2", and 28-1/4" and features a spring loaded base and low curved handle yielding excellent leverage for clean, concise cuts.
  • JP-700STAX 27-1/2" Ishii Tile Cutter

    Ishii JP-700STWAX 27 1/2" Tile Cutter

    Shipping: Free
    The JP-700STWAX features an adjustable height 7/8" scoring wheel, spring loaded base, and a low curved handle design providing excellent leverage, (8:1 ratio).
  • Husqvarna TS 60 Tile Saw

    Husqvarna TS 60 Wet Tile Saw 966610701

    Shipping: Free
    The Husqvarna TS 60 is a 10" 1.5hp wet tile saw with a precision cart and rail system that yields perfectly straight cuts with a max. cut depth 2.75" and max. cutting length of 28".
  • Rubi TS-Max Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

    Rubi TS-Max Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

    $289.34 to $410.15
    Shipping: Free
    Professional cutter for ceramic tiles, especially for frequent cutting of porcelain tiles (BIa type). Smart Power breaker adapts breaking force to the material. 17" to 29" cut length models available.
  • Rubi TR 600 Magnet Tile Cutter

    Rubi TR-Magnet Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

    $367.85 to $394.25
    Shipping: Free
    The Rubi TR 600 and TR 710 Magnet Series Cutters are designed with a multipoint breaker and magnet system for easy and accurate scoring of tiles up to 9/16 in thick.
  • Sigma 2G Tile Cutter - 14"

    Sigma Technica Tile Cutters - 2G, 2A3, 2B3

    $220.00 to $403.00
    Shipping: Free
    Sigma Technica Snap Tile Cutters (Sigma 2G, Sigma 2A3, Sigma 2B3) feature heavy duty rigid bases, plastic fittings to avoid marking tile, and will cut 1/16" to 3/4" thick tile.
  • Sigma 3B4 26" Tile Cutter

    Sigma 3B4 26" Tile Cutter

    Shipping: Free
    Heavy duty, broad-base tile cutter for cutting larger tiles. The 3 series with pull handle is the original style Sigma tile cutter.

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)