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  • MK TX-4 Wet Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-TX-4 Wet Tile Saw - 171231

    Shipping: Free
    The MK Diamond 1-3/4 hp MK TX-4 Wet Tile Saw features a tilting head with miter system and a patent pending misting system which significantly reduces water usage.
  • Imer Combi 250VA

    Imer Combi 250VA 10" Tile & Stone Saw 1188164

    Shipping: Free
    The Imer Combi 250VA has a 1.75 hp motor with a 10" blade, will make a 31" cut, and has a laser attached for accuracy.
  • Rubi DC-250 850 Tile and Stone Saw

    Rubi DC-250 850 Tile and Stone Saw 54924

    Shipping: Free
    Rubi's DC-250 850 is a feature-rich overhead rail saw for cutting ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles up to 38" in length.
  • Husqvarna MS 360 Masonry Saw

    Husqvarna MS 360 14" Masonry Saw

    $2,039.59 to $2,862.21
    Shipping: Free
    The Husqvarna MS 360 features a new patented water system keeping the workplace dry and clean, a 14" blade, and is available with three different motors from 1.5 to 3 hp.
  • MK Diamond MK 212-4 Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-212-4 10" Tile & Stone Saw - 159414

    Shipping: Free
    The 10" MK Diamond MK 212-4 is designed for cutting larger format tiles and stone and features a powerful 2hp motor, heavy-gauge steel construction, and tilting head.
  • Weha Achilli TSA Rail Saw 14408

    Weha Achilli TSA Rail Saw 14408

    Shipping: Free
    Designed for cutting granite and natural and engineered stone slabs. 3 HP 220 V single phase motor, rubber lined galvanized steel saw rails, and a 14" blade capacity.
  • MK Diamond MK 212-6 Tile and Stone Saw

    MK Diamond MK-212-6 12" Tile & Stone Saw - 167882

    Shipping: Free
    The 12" MK Diamond MK 212-6 features a fully enclosed 2 hp motor with large cutting capacity, yet is still portable and has plunge cut capability, with tilting head.
  • Pearl VX10.2XL Pro Tile Saw

    Pearl VX10.2XLPRO Wet Tile Saw - 10"

    Shipping: Standard
    The VX10.2XLPro Pearl Tile Saw features a 2hp sealed motor, a telescoping table, a stainless steel tray, and comes fully assembled with a 10" blade.
  • Combi 200VA

    Imer Combi 200VA 8" Portable Tile Saw 1188084

    Shipping: Free
    1.75 hp motor, 8" blade tile saw. Capable of 24" maximum cut length: rip or diagonal. Plastic shatter-resistant water pan, entire saw weighs just 48 lbs!
  • Imer Masonry 350 Smart Cut Saw 14"

    Imer MS 350 Smart Cut 14" Masonry Saw - 1188975

    Shipping: Free
    The Imer 14" Masonry 350 Smart Cut Saw has a 2 hp motor, cuts bricks, blocks, and pavers and has the largest cutting tray available on a 14" saw.
  • MK BX-4 Masonry Saw - 165486

    MK Diamond MK-BX-4 Masonry - Brick Saw 165486

    Shipping: Free
    The 14" MK BX-4 Masonry - Brick Saw features an ergonomically designed handle for either left or right handed cutting, and an open back design for cutting material up to 16" long.
  • Imer Combi 250/1500VA

    Imer Combi 250/1500VA Tile & Stone Saw 1188180

    Shipping: Free
    The New 10" Imer 250/1500VA has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 57" (60” plunge cut) max cut, a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.
  • Imer Combi 250/1000 Lite 10" Tile Saw

    Imer Combi 250/1000 Lite Tile & Stone Saw 1188174

    Shipping: Free
    The Imer 250/1000 Lite has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 40” max cut (with plunge), a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.
  • MK-1590 Rail Saw - 166105

    MK Diamond MK-1590 12" Wet Cutting Rail Saw - 166105

    Shipping: Free
    The MK Diamond MK-1590 Rail Saw features a 130" length of cut, tilting head for precise 45º miter cuts up to 2-1/4" deep, and an adjustable height plunge-cutting head.

Set Descending Direction

14 Item(s)