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  • Flex  L 12-3 100 Single Speed Wet Polisher 378.658

    Flex L 12-3 100 Single Speed 5" Wet Polisher 378.658

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    The Flex L 12-3 100 is the updated version of this great, German-made, industry standard center-feed wet stone polisher. Fixed speed of 3700 rpm.
  • Metabo Wet Polisher - PWE 11-100

    Metabo PWE 11-100 4" Wet Polisher - 602050420

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    The 4" Metabo PWE 11-100 Wet Polisher features a central water feed through the spindle and adjustable handle and is designed for polishing and finishing concrete and natural and artificial stone. Made in Germany
  • Flex LW 603 VR Variable Speed Wet Polisher

    Flex LW 603 VR Electronic Variable Speed Wet Polisher 5"

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    The Flex LW 603 VR is a two handed large surface polishing tool with variable speeds from 1000-2800 RPM. Consistent speed, soft start.
  • Flex LW1503 Wet Stone Polisher

    Flex LW1503 Wet Stone Polisher

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    The Flex LW1503 Wet Stone Polisher is a compact, lightweight, and powerful workhorse, and is the most demanded wet polisher in the industry. Just 4.4 lbs, 3700 RPM.
  • Makita 9227C Polisher/Sander

    Makita 9227C - 7" Polisher/Sander

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    The 10 amps Makita 9227C has a variable speed control dial that enables the user to match the speed to the application and has a soft start feature for smooth start ups.
  • Makita 9565CV Grinder Kit with 10 5" Turbo Diamond Blades

    Makita 9565CV Grinder Kit w/ 10 MWI 5" Turbo Diamond Blades

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    This Makita Grinder Kit features the powerful Makita 9565CV 120V Variable Speed Angle Grinder and 10 Master Wholesale 5" Turbo Diamond Blades. Ideal for the professional or home craftsman.
  • Flex L 1503 VR Variable Speed Polisher

    Flex L 1503 VR Variable Speed Polisher

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    The 5" Flex L 1503 VR is a compact and powerful 10 amp variable speed sander/polisher designed specifically for soft natural stone and sensitive metal surfaces.
  • Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder with Three 4" Turbo Diamond Grinding Cups

    Makita 9565CV Grinder Kit w/ 3 4" Turbo Diamond Grinding Cups

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    This Makita grinding kit features the Makita 9565CV 5" SJS High‑Power Angle Grinder and 3 Master Wholesale 4" Turbo Diamond Grinding Cups.
  • Flex L1506VR Variable Speed sander/polisher

    Flex L1506VR Variable Speed Sander/Polisher

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    The Flex L1506VR is an infinitely adjustable variable speed (2200-6800 rpm) compact, heavy duty, 5" sander/polisher.
  • Metabo WE 15-150 Grinder - 6"

    Metabo WE 15-150 6" Quick Angle Grinder - 600464420

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    The Metabo WE 15-150 Grinder is a powerful 6" 1550 Watt angle grinder with a no-load speed of 9600 rpm and features a vibration damping handle and easy tool free disc change.
  • Flex LE 12-3 100 Variable Speed Wet Polisher

    Flex LE 12-3 100 Variable Speed 5" Wet Polisher 375.241

    Shipping: Free
    The Flex LE 12-3 100 features soft start, overload protection, constant speed control, step-less variables speed and a powerful 9.3 amp motor.
  • Rubi DX-250 PLUS Wet Saw (DX-250 1400 and DX-250 1000)

    Rubi DX-250 PLUS Laser & Level Wet Saw

    $1,566.00 to $1,956.00
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    The Rubi DX-250 PLUS Tile Saws (DX-250 1000 and DX-250 1400) feature a 10" blade and powerful 2hp motor and is capable of cutting all types of stone and ceramic tiles.
  • MK-1590 Rail Saw - 166105

    MK Diamond MK-1590 12" Wet Cutting Rail Saw - 166105

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    The MK Diamond MK-1590 Rail Saw features a 130" length of cut, tilting head for precise 45º miter cuts up to 2-1/4" deep, and an adjustable height plunge-cutting head.
  • Husqvarna TS 60 Tile Saw

    Husqvarna TS 60 Wet Tile Saw 966610701

    Shipping: Free
    The Husqvarna TS 60 is a 10" 1.5hp wet tile saw with a precision cart and rail system that yields perfectly straight cuts with a max. cut depth 2.75" and max. cutting length of 28".
  • MK Diamond MK 212-6 Tile and Stone Saw

    MK Diamond MK-212-6 12" Tile & Stone Saw - 167882

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    The 12" MK Diamond MK 212-6 features a fully enclosed 2 hp motor with large cutting capacity, yet is still portable and has plunge cut capability, with tilting head.
  • MK Diamond MK 212-4 Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-212-4 10" Tile & Stone Saw - 159414

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    The 10" MK Diamond MK 212-4 is designed for cutting larger format tiles and stone and features a powerful 2hp motor, heavy-gauge steel construction, and tilting head.
  • Alpha AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter

    Alpha AWS-110 4-1/2" Hand-Held Wet Stone Cutter

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    The Alpha AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter produces straight and true cuts, and is great for those working with natural and engineered stone, tile, concrete, masonry and glass.

Set Descending Direction

17 Item(s)

Master Wholesale stocks a large selection of stone cutting tools designed for cutting, polishing, edging and cleaning stone surfaces. These include stone cutting saws, stone blades, stone grinders and polishers, hole saws and router bits, grinding cups and wheels, and slab handling equipment from brands like; Alpha Tools, Diamax, Flex Tools, Mk Diamond, and Weha.