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  • Weha 94" X 81" Tall Large Single Sided a Frame Cart 800002

    Weha Single Sided A-Frame Cart

    $1,027.50 to $1,400.00
    Shipping: Standard
    The Weha Single Sided A-Frame Cart is great for transporting finished granite and stone counter tops and islands in a box van and for general storage.
  • Weha 6' ft 78" x 43" x 58" Double Sided A Frame Transport Cart 48" Load Height

    Weha Double Sided A Frame Transport Cart

    $1,006.40 to $1,695.00
    Shipping: Standard
    Designed and built to store and transport mid-sized stone counter tops and island pieces. Made of galvanized steel. Load Capacity: 4410 (2205 lbs per side).
  • Weha Backsplash Attachments (5 included in the set) - for Weha A-Frame Carts

    Weha Backsplash Attachment - Set of 5 For Transport A Frame Cart 8010492

    Shipping: Standard
    Weha Backsplash Attachments are made of rubber lined galvanized steel and designed to carry slab backsplashes on Weha transport A-frame carts.
  • Abaco Slab Rack - 10' - SRK10R

    Abaco 10' Slab Rack - SRK10R

    Shipping: Standard
    The 10 ft Slab Rack is ideal for shops with limited storage as it can handle many pieces of different sized materials. Ships with 2 base rails and 20 poles.
  • Weha Roll Block 132569

    Weha Roll Block 132569

    Shipping: Standard
    For Transport A Frame Carts easily load and unload slabs from transport carts.
  • Abaco Slab Buggy

    Abaco Slab Buggy SBG800

    $541.75 to $567.50
    Shipping: Standard
    Pneumatic tires allow for easy transport on rough surfaces. Casters are positioned outside of the steel frame for added stability. 800 lb. capacity.
  • Weha A Frame Storage 137635

    Weha A Frame Storage 137635

    Shipping: Standard
    Made to support for all kind granite and stone sheet materials. Weight capacity 24000 lb. Maximum storage length per side: 20 1/2"
  • Abaco Slab Forklift Boom AFJ-25

    Abaco Slab Forklift Boom - AFJ-25

    Shipping: Standard
    The Abaco AFJ-25 is designed for use with 2 and 2.5 ton forklifts, when fully extended the boom reaches 94-1/2". This Slab Boom can be used with all Abaco machine lifters.
  • Weha Slab Wedge

    Weha Stone Slab Wedge 122817

    Shipping: Standard
    The Weha Stone Slab Wedge is designed to separate bundles so that the clamps can pick up a slab more easily.
  • Abaco Truck Bed A-Frame Rack - Heavy Duty

    Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame - TAF60H

    Shipping: Standard
    The Abaco A-frame truck-bed rack is made by connecting two Standard A-frames with four cross bars extending the overall length to 1524mm, and comes with angled timber blocks to protect material.
  • Abaco Ratchet Seam Setter M2 - ARS-2

    Abaco Slab Ratchet Seam Setter ARS

    $289.12 to $325.61
    Shipping: Standard
    The M2 Ratchet Seam Setter provides a quick and easy solution for accurate and safe positioning of countertops.
  • Weha Replacement Strap Blue VD080188

    Weha Replacement Strap Blue VD080188

    Shipping: Standard
    Buckle for the Weha A-frame transport cart uprights.
  • Abaco Truck Slab A-Frame TAF060

    Abaco Truck Slab A-Frame TAF060

    Shipping: Standard
    Constructed of two standard a-frames joined by a single crossbar, this truck bed A-frame holds 12,000 lbs per side.
  • Weha Replacement Upright 128269

    Weha Replacement Upright 128269

    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for Weha Large Single Sided A Frame 133321
  • Abaco Long Slab Dolly - LSD012-B

    Abaco Long Slab Dolly - LSD012

    $261.05 to $270.88
    Shipping: Standard
    This Abaco Long Slab Dolly has two pneumatic tire rubber wheels, with a vulcanized rubber channel in black or white rubber to protect slabs from chips and scratches.
  • Weha yellow Fiberglass Rodding Stand 137205

    Weha yellow Fiberglass Rodding Stand 137205

    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for white fiberglas rodding and the Weha Carbon Fiberglass Rodding. Holds up to 330' rolls of Fiberglass Rodding.
  • Abaco Slab Lamination Clamps - LC180

    Abaco Stone Slab Lamination Clamps - LC180

    $325.61 to $327.02
    Shipping: Free
    The LC180 Abaco Lamination Clamps are designed for holding multiple slabs together while they are being joined.
  • Abaco Kitchen Slab Processing Table KPT8340

    Abaco Kitchen Slab Processing Table - KPT8340

    Shipping: Free
    The KPT8340 features casters, a table top that tilts from level to various degrees angle for comfortable working, and can handle slabs up to 1-1/2" thick.
  • Abaco Apron w/ Abaco Logo Velcro Strips on Front

    Abaco Apron w/ Abaco Logo Velcro Strips on Front

    Shipping: Free w/ $49 Order
    • Quick snap straps for fast and easy fit
    • Double layered for extra protection
    • Velcro strips help quickly access polishing pads
  • Weha Replacement Rubber 8020609FT

    Weha Replacement Rubber 8020609FT

    Shipping: Standard
    Weha Replacement Rubber 8020609FT is designed specifically for Weha Transport Racks - Black, Sold Per Foot.
  • Abaco SC100 Scissor Clamp

    Abaco Scissor Clamps - SC100 - SC150

    $255.44 to $480.00
    Shipping: Standard
    The SC100 and SC150 are auto-locking scissor clamps for lifting single slabs and feature all natural rubber providing better grip.
  • Weha Caster Wheels 133275

    Weha Caster Wheels 133275

    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for Transport A Frame Cart - 2 Fixed 2 Swivel with Metal A Frame Connection. Set of 4. Max weight capacity 2,000 lbs.
  • Abaco Slab Dolly - 8" (SD008)

    Abaco 8" Slab Dolly SD008

    $110.88 to $116.49
    Shipping: Standard
    The 8" Abaco Slab Dolly has a vulcanized rubber channel (Black or Whiter Rubber) and solid rubber wheels, and is used to move stone slab around the shop and job site. (605 lb max)
  • Weha Stand 25" Wide 137235

    Weha Stand 25" Wide 137235

    Shipping: Standard
    Great for job layout, to fabricate counter tops and other works. 25" wide and height adjusts from 34" up to 44".

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Everything you need to handle slabs; lifters, suction cups, clamps, dollies, working/processing tables, forklift booms, and fabrication stands from Abaco Machines, Weha, and Master Wholesale.