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  • MK-1590 Rail Saw - 166105

    MK Diamond MK-1590 12" Wet Cutting Rail Saw - 166105

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    The MK Diamond MK-1590 Rail Saw features a 130" length of cut, tilting head for precise 45º miter cuts up to 2-1/4" deep, and an adjustable height plunge-cutting head.
  • Imer Combi 250/1500VA

    Imer Combi 250/1500VA Tile & Stone Saw 1188180

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    The New 10" Imer 250/1500VA has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 57" (60” plunge cut) max cut, a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.
  • MK Diamond MK 212-6 Tile and Stone Saw

    MK Diamond MK-212-6 12" Tile & Stone Saw - 167882

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    The 12" MK Diamond MK 212-6 features a fully enclosed 2 hp motor with large cutting capacity, yet is still portable and has plunge cut capability, with tilting head.
  • Alpha AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter

    Alpha AWS-110 4-1/2" Hand-Held Wet Stone Cutter

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    The Alpha AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter produces straight and true cuts, and is great for those working with natural and engineered stone, tile, concrete, masonry and glass.
  • Makita 4100NH Circular Saw

    Makita 4100NH Handheld Circular Saw - w/Blade

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    The Makita 4100NH Circular Saw features a 12 amp motor and is ideal for cutting in stone, masonry, tile, and concrete. Comes with a 4 3/8" Makita Blade (A-94546)
  • Rubi DX-350-N Laser & Level Wet Saw - 52918

    Rubi DX-350-N Laser & Level Wet Saw - 52918

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    The laser equipped Rubi DX-350-N large format tile and stone saw features a powerful 3hp motor, a 10" blade capacity, 51" cut length, and a mobile head equipped with a plunge effect to give great versatility in cuts.

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6 Item(s)

We stock a large selection of stone cutting saws from the best brands in the business; Weha Achilli, Imer, MK Diamond, Rubi, and more. From handheld stone saws, to table and bridge saws, we carry them all.