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  • Montolit Masterpiuma 75P3 Tile Cutter - 29-1/2"

    Montolit Masterpiuma 75P3 Tile Cutter - 29-1/2"

    Shipping: Standard
    The 29-1/2" Masterpiuma 75P3 is an Italian made professional grade Montolit Tile Cutter that will cut all types of tile, with thickness of 0-22 mm, quickly and accurately.
  • Montolit Masterpuima 63P3 Tile Cutter - 24-3/4"

    Montolit Masterpiuma 63P3 Tile Cutter - 24-3/4"

    Shipping: Free
    The Masterpiuma 63P3 is a Heavy duty Italian-made Montolit Tile Cutter that quickly and precisely cuts tiles up to 22mm thick, and 24 3/4" in length, with great accuracy.
  • Montolit Cutting Wheel - Titanium Carbibe (for Masterpuima P3 cutters)

    Montolit Titanium Carbide Cutting Wheel

    Shipping: Free w/ $49 Order
    This titanium coated carbide Montolit Scoring Wheel is for use with the Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutters, and also fits older style Montolit Tile Cutters.
  • Montolit Premium Glass Diamond Blade - CPV250 10"

    Montolit CPV250 Premium Glass Diamond Blade - 10"

    Shipping: Standard
    Montolit's flagship product for wet cutting glass tile, glass mosaic and large sheets of glass up to 3 cm thick.
  • Monolit 55W Glass and Porcelain Nipper

    Monolit 55W Glass and Porcelain Nipper

    Shipping: Free
    Professional grade tile nippers designed for use on extra hard tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics and porcelain.

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)

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