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  • MK 170 Mini Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-170 Mini Wet Tile Saw - 157222

    Shipping: Free
    The 7" MK-170 is a versatile and compact wet tile saw perfect for the homeowner and weekend craftsman. It comes complete with a diamond blade and submersible water pump.
  • MK 370EXP Wet Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-370EXP Wet Tile Saw - 159943

    Shipping: Free
    The MK 370EXP is a lightweight and portable 1-1/4 hp wet tile saw that takes a 7" blade and can rip 18" tile.
  • MK-377 EXP Tile Saw

    MK Diamond MK-377EXP Tile Saw - 160028

    Shipping: Free
    The 1/2hp 7" MK-377 EXP Wet Tile Saw is a compact tile saw with a linear guide bar system that ensures precision cutting of tile materials including ceramic, travertine and slate.
  • Rubi DT-180 EVOLUTION 7" Wet Tile Saw

    Rubi DT-180 EVOLUTION 7" Wet Tile Saw w/ Stand - 58974

    Shipping: Free
    The Rubi DT-180 is a light, portable 7" wet tile saw great for smaller jobs or for the contractor doing occasional tile work.
  • Lackmond Beast 7 Wet Tile Saw

    Lackmond Beast 7" Wet Tile Saw

    $649.00 to $769.00
    Shipping: Standard
    The powerful 13 amp Beast 7 will cut 18" tile on the diagonal, will rip cut tiles up to 24", and features the newly updated stainless steel rail system adopted from the Beast 10.
  • Pearl PA 7 Pro Tile Saw - Compact Wet Tile Saw

    Pearl PA7 Pro Tile Saw - 7"

    Shipping: Free
    The Pearl PA 7 Pro is a compact and sturdy 1 hp 7" wet tile saw that can rip cut 20" tile and cut 14" tile on the diagonal.

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)

We carry a wide selection of portable tile saw and wet tile saw products and accessories for cutting ceramic tile, porcelain tile and stone tile. Tile saws are commonly used by professional tile setters on larger jobs that require many precise cuts. They utilize water (the wet tile saw varieties) to keep the continuous rim diamond blades cool to avoid glazing. We stock Imer tile saws, Dewalt tile saws, MK Diamond tile saws, Rubi tile saws, Pearl Abrasive tile saws, Flex tiles saws, and more.