Abaco Stone Slab Lamination Clamps - LC180

Abaco Slab Lamination Clamps - LC180

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Abaco Stone Slab Lamination Clamps - LC180
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Product Description

Abaco Lamination Clamps are designed for holding multiple slabs together while they are being laminated and glued. With a sturdy, rubber lined handle, the C-clamp is very easy to use.

  • Designed to hold multiple slabs together during the lamination process.
  • Sliding C-clamps make it quick and easy to use.
  • Includes bar and four or five clamps.
  • Extruded aluminum bar machined with high accuracy of straightness and flatness allows the clamping force distributed uniformly along the stone panels avoiding cracks or breakage.
  • Rubber pad attached underneath the clamping claw is to protect the surface of the stone from scratching or damage.
  • Quick and easy to use with effortless tightening will reduce significantly clamping labor.
  • The Lamination Clamp weighs 2.2 lbs. (1 kg) and can handle 1 1/8” – 2 3/8” (30-60 mm) thickness.
Item Number Length Width Height Number of clamps Weight Limit
LC180 70 7/8" 7 1/4" 8 5/8" 5 220 lbs.

Product Specifications

SKU: slab_clamp
Manufacturer: Abaco Machines
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
MPN: LC120

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