Abaco Stone/Steel/Glass/Woods Lifter - ASSGWL20

Abaco Stone Steel Glass Woods Lifter - ASSGWL20

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Abaco Stone/Steel/Glass/Woods Lifter - ASSGWL20

Product Description

Abaco Stone Steel Glass Woods Lifter is designed to work with a forklift boom for lifting and moving long and narrow materials.

  • The clamping mechanism is fully automatic.
  • Clamping from both sides improves clamping force and holds the lifting material more securely. The lifted material will be moved more stably and with less shaking.
  • The contact surface of the material is covered with a rubber layer to protect it from damage or cracks when lifting.
  • In addition, there are two guide rods to lead the Abaco Stone Steel Glass Woods Lifter to the right position.
  • Abaco Stone/Steel/Glass/Woods Lifter helps reducing labor and ensuring safety for operators.
Item Number Length Width Height Crip Range Net Weight Weight Limit
ASSGWL20 36 5/8" 10 11/16" 25 13/16" 3/16 ~ 13/16" 63.8 lbs. 1100 lbs.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 63.80
Manufacturer: Abaco Machines
Size (L x W x H): 36 5/8" x 10 11/16" x 25 13/16"

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