Diteq 14" Brute Concrete and Masonry Blade

Diteq Brute Concrete and Masonry Blade - 16"
Diteq 14" Brute Concrete and Masonry Blade

Product Description

Diteq Brute is an ARIX™ blade, which provides fast cutting speed and longer blade life due to a unique diamond matrix formula throughout each segment for excellent performance.

  • Contractor General Purpose Blade.
  • Combo Stone / Brick / Concrete.
  • Use on High Speed / Masonry / Low HP Flat Saws
  • Turbo Segment Design.
  • 13mm Segment Height.

Diameter & Width - 14" x .125" x 1"-20mm DP

Porcelain Tile PeformanceNot Recommended
Marble PerformanceGood
Granite PerformanceGood
Hard Granite PerformanceGood
Brick/Block PerformanceExcellent
Asphalt PerformanceGood
Green Concrete PerformanceGood
Concrete PerformanceGood

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Diteq
Size (L x W x H): 14" x 14" x .125"
Net Weight (lbs.): 3.60
MPN: D11161
Blade Type: Segmented Rim Turbo
Arbor Size: 1", 20mm
Ceramic Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Glass Tile Peformance: Poor
Diameter: 14"
Thickness: .125"
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry
Segment Height (in): .512"

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