HardieBacker Cement Board - 1/4"

HardieBacker Cement Board - 1/4"

Product Description

The 1/4" HardieBacker Cement Board for floors and countertops is America's best selling 1/4'' board. Produced with James Hardie's proprietary cement formulation, this no-mesh board is the lightest cement board available and cuts easily, even in tight, awkward spaces. HardieBacker Cement Board is available in a 3' x 5' size which features the exclusive EZ Grid® recessed fastener pattern to make installation even easier. HardieBacker┬« Cement Board is resistant to damage from moisture and is backed by a limited lifetime product warranty.

90% Portland cement and ground sand. HardieBacker™ board contains no asbestos, glass mesh, formaldehyde, or gypsum.

HardieBacker 1/4 in Cement Board Specs:

  • 1/4" Sheet Size
  • 3' x 5' (EZ Grid® board with recessed fastener pattern)
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs/sq.ft.

Flexural Strength
Based on typical Equilibrium Moisture Content: 2100 psi when tested in accordance with ASTM test method C1185.

HardieBacker™ cement board is recognized for use in non-combustible construction in NER-405.

Surface Burning Characteristics
When tested in accordance with ASTM test method E-84:

  • Flame Spread: 0
  • Fuel Contributed: 0
  • Smoke Developed: 5

Thermal Resistance

  • (Approximate value) 1/4'' thick: R:0.13

90% Portland cement and sand, no loose aggregate or filler, highest flexural strength and up to 3x the compressive strength of competitive cement boards.
Installs better - Easy to cut to any size and clean cuts allow edges to align tightly and less dust and debris when cut.
HardieBacker’s unique cement formulation helps prevent damage from moisture and provides excellent tile adhesion to help protect tile work.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: James Hardie
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
MPN: 220022
Size (L x W x H): 3' x 5' x 1/4"

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Is 1/4 .in thick enough to put over my 1963 plywood sub flooring to hold the cement .invaneer .in that my cement guy is going to pour in the living room?
We can't really answer this question. This would be question for the company who makes the cement veneer. They all have different recommended substrates.
Customer Support answered on August 13, 2018
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