Husqvarna VH5 14" Concrete / Masonry Blade

Husqvarna VH5 Concrete and Masonry Blade
Husqvarna VH5 14" Concrete / Masonry Blade
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Product Description

VH5 is a general purpose, economical blade for cutting cured concrete and brick and works well with the K 760 and K 970 Power Cutters.


Type/Assembly: Wet/Dry / Diffusion bond
Available Size: 14"
Diamond depth: 0.4"
Porcelain Tile PeformanceNot Recommended
Marble PerformanceNot Recommended
Granite PerformanceNot Recommended
Hard Granite PerformanceNot Recommended
Brick/Block PerformanceExcellent
Asphalt PerformanceNot Recommended
Green Concrete PerformanceNot Recommended
Concrete PerformanceGood

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Husqvarna
Size (L x W x H): 14" x 14" x .118"
Net Weight (lbs.): 3.77
MPN: 542774463
Blade Type: Segmented Rim
Arbor Size: 1"
Ceramic Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Glass Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Diameter: 14"
Thickness: .118"
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry
Segment Height (in): .450"
Diamond Depth (in): .350"

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