MasterHeat Radiant Heating Mat Kits 120v 24"

MasterHeat Radiant Floor Heating Kit

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MasterHeat Radiant Heating Mat Kits 120v 24"
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Product Description

MasterHeat floor warming mats warm tile and stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries, and sunrooms of any size and layout. Roll out MasterHeat floor warming mat on your subfloor and cut the white mesh to fit your room. Fasten the floor heating mat with tape or staples. Then top it with thin-set mortar and tile or stone.

MasterHeat floor warming mats are also UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada, and tested by Tile Council of North America for all residential and commercial applications to warm any direct contact floor surface as long as the mat is embedded in mortar. Laminates, engineered flooring, and vinyl flooring are popular choices.

All in floor warming mats have the "S-pattern" wire construction and produce 12 watts/sq.ft. MasterHeat offers the largest selection of in floor heating mats in the industry with over 35 sizes manufactured in 2' and 3' widths, in lengths covering up to 160 sq.ft. Just a few benefits of MasterHeat in floor heating mats are:

  • The industry's first thin, openweave construction allows thin-set or self-leveling mortar to flow through the mat and easily bond with the underlying material. This one-step application adds only 1/8" thickness over normail tile installation.
  • The industry's first single power lead construction makes mats easy to install and simpler to connect to the control.
  • The industry's highest-quality heating wire using high-temperature insulation, tough urethane jacket and oxygen-free copper alloys for corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and longevity.
  • The industry's first twin-wire construction creates ultra-low EMF.
  • 120-VAC and 240-VAC models available for small residential to large commercial applications.
  • The industry's only shielded and fully grounded 10-ft. power lead provides safety and jobsite durability. Power leads are color-coded for 120-VAC or 240-VAC.

Each MasterHeat Floor Warming Kit Contains:

  • 2' Wide MasterHeat in floor heating mat(s)
  • MasterHeat Programmable Thermostat
  • Loudmouth Installation Monitor
  • Double-sided tape
  • Installation Manual


Roll out the floor warming mat and hold in place with tape or staples. Pour a 1/4"-1/2" layer of self-leveling mortar over the mat and then cover it with the finished floor.

Cut the white mesh between the in floor heating wires to make turns and to fill in odd-shaped areas. Install the mat(s) right up to the face of cabinets, but keep in floor heating mat(s) 3-6" away from walls and 4" away from the wax toilet ring.

120 Volt Mat Kits Size Chart

Description Quanity & Size of Mats Order # Amp Draw
10 s/f (1)10 s/f Mat 81012491 1.0
15 s/f (1)15 s/f Mat 81012492 1.5
20 s/f (1)20 s/f Mat 81012493 2.0
25 s/f (1)25 s/f Mat 81012494 2.5
30 s/f (1)30 s/f Mat 81012495 3.0
35 s/f (1)35 s/f Mat 81012496 3.5
40 s/f (1)40 s/f Mat 81012497 4.0
45 s/f (1)45 s/f Mat 81012498 4.5
50 s/f (1)50 s/f Mat 81012499 5.0
60 s/f (1)60 s/f Mat 81012500 6.0
70 s/f (1)70 s/f Mat 81012501 7.0
80 s/f (1)80 s/f Mat 81012502 8.0
90 s/f (2)45 s/f Mats 81012503 9.0
100 s/f (2)50 s/f Mats 81012504 10.0
110 s/f (1)50 s/f Mat & (1)60 s/f Mat 81012505 11.0
120 s/f (2)60 s/f Mats 81012506 12.0
130 s/f (1)60 s/f Mat & (1)70 s/f Mat 81012507 13.0
140 s/f (2)70 s/f Mats 81012508 14.0
150 s/f (1)70 s/f Mat & (1)80 s/f Mat 81012509 15.0

Product Specifications

In the Box:
  • 2' Wide MasterHeat in floor heating mat(s)
  • MasterHeat Programmable Thermostat
  • Loudmouth Installation Monitor
  • Double-sided tape
  • Installation Manual
SKU: MH 81012
Manufacturer: MasterHeat
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
MPN: mh_81012
Size (L x W x H): 17.5' x 24" x 1/4" - 65' x 24" x 1/4"
Voltage: 120
Net Weight (lbs.): 12.00 - 24.00

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Can this be used for staple up application between joists
These are not designed for underfloor use. We recommend the SunTouch Underfloor Mats that we carry, for that purpose.
Customer Support answered on October 22, 2018
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