MasterHeat Snow Melting Mats 50 watts per S/F - 240vac 2' Width

MasterHeat 240vac 2' Snow Melting Mats
MasterHeat Snow Melting Mats 50 watts per S/F - 240vac 2' Width
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Product Description

Our snow-melting mats work quickly and efficiently to keep sidewalks and paved areas free of snow and ice, and they install quickly. All you need for a typical-to-medium size project is a control and mat.  MasterHeat heating elements are surrounded with high-temperature ETFE insulation. The engineered polyurethane outer jacket tolerates 300º F asphalt and the machines that roll it in place.

  • Each mat holds dual heating elements on 3" centers on a reinforced tape grid. There's a grounded power lead on one end for a fast, single-point electrical connection.
  • Mats come in two energy outputs: 50 or 38 Watts per square foot with four single-phase voltage options.
  • MasterHeat has more sizes and more options than any electric snow melting system.
  • Standard size widths are 2 feet and 3 feet. You can order mats to cover from 9 to 112 square feet.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: MasterHeat
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Voltage: 240

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Can these be laid on the driveway surface when snow expected rather than permanently installed within the concrete?
Unfortunately not. They must be installed, however, you can cut trenches in existing drive and install. Then fill the trenches with overlayment.
Customer Support answered on October 29, 2018
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