MasterHeat Under the Floor Heating Mats 240v 16''

MasterHeat Underfloor Heating Mats - 240v 16" wide

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MasterHeat Under the Floor Heating Mats 240v 16''
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Product Description

MasterHeat Underfloor Heating Mats are the perfect solution for nearly every type of floor covering. These special mats warm existing floors without having to replace the floor coverings. If you have access under a floor, simply staple the Under Floor heating mats between the joists.

These effective, UL-Listed mats deliver 10 watts/sq. ft. of floor area (about 34 TU/hr/sq.ft.). Under the Floor heating mats will warm wood, vinyl, laminates, or tile floor coverings. With Under the Floor heating mats, most floors can be heated up to 12° to 15°F warmer than they would be otherwise.

Carpeted floors will not warm up as much as other floor coverings due to the high insulation value of carpet and padding. You may experience a temperature rise in the floor of only a 6°–10°F, which may or may not meet your satisfaction.

Insulation installed below the mats is essential to complete the installation.

Each Under the Floor heating mat is designed to be installed in only one joist bay. The mats cannot be cut shorter to fit a shorter joist bay or modified in any way to fill mulitple joist bays. However, more than one Under the Floor heating mat may be installed in a joist bay where there are barriers such as cross bracing or blocking.

Caution: Do not install Under the Floor heating mats in mortar or cement, or install them in the same control zone as MasterHeat in floor warming mats or MasterHeat in floor heating cables. These products have different heat output and are manufactured for different applications.

Mat Size (L x W) Item # Amp Draw Coverage
8' x 16" 81006835 0.4 10.64 Sq. Ft.
12' x 16" 81006836 0.6 15.96 Sq. Ft.
16' x 16" 81006837 0.8 21.28 Sq. Ft.
19.5' x 16" 81006838 1.0 25.93 Sq. Ft.


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Product Specifications

SKU: MH81006
Manufacturer: MasterHeat
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Voltage: 240

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