Miracle Grout Shield Additive - 70 oz.

Miracle Grout Shield Additive
Miracle Grout Shield Additive - 70 oz.

Product Description

Miracle Grout Shield is a grout additive which gives grout superior stain protection.

  • Use one (1) 70 oz. bottle per 25 lb. box or bag of sanded grout
  • Protects Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout from Staining
  • Mixes with Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout in Place of Water
  • Adds Compressive and Tensile Strength

Miracle Grout Shield new and improved is a specialty sealer additive, made to replace water in mixtures with sanded or non-sanded grout. By taking inconsistent tap water out of the equation, Miracle Grout Shield New & Improved is able to create a consistent and more durable product with superior color quality.

Thanks to this new technology, contractor's and DIYers can save time and money since Miracle Grout Shield New & Improved takes care of sealing and protecting itself, eliminating the normal wait for grout to dry. All this for only pennies per square foot.

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Product Specifications

Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Miracle Sealants
Container Size: 2 Quarts

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