MLT Tile Leveling System - 250 Caps

MLT Tile Leveling System - 250 Caps

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MLT Tile Leveling System - 250 Caps
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Product Description

These caps are reusable and work in conjunction with the reusable straps.

A. The MLT cap is designed and engineered to be disengaged under tension to allow cleaning of grout joints and seams, or to reposition the tiles/slabs just with a slight side pressure. This is extremely important for the installation of reduce thickness materials.

B. The side “wings” create a constant pressure to guarantee the perfect alignment and plane during the curing of the setting material.

C. The slot on the top of the cap will accept a Stainless Steel Tongue Insert in cases where the ratcheting teeth may become worn. These inserts will greatly prolong the working life of each cap.

The MLT system consists of three major components: Reusable Caps, Reusable Straps, and Base Plates, this system achieves the least amount of waste possible. With four different Base Plates to choose depending on the type of material, in addition to Cap accessories, such as the rubber foot for soft stone it allows the MLT Professional Lippage Tuning System to be tailored to each specific job.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 11,95
Manufacturer: MLT
Size (L x W x H): 10" x 12" x 15-1/2"

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