Master Wholesale Grinding Wheel Dresser (Hooded Cup)

MWI Grinding Wheel Dresser - Hooded Cup

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Master Wholesale Grinding Wheel Dresser (Hooded Cup)
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Product Description

Cup Wheel Cutters/Dressers
Re-dresses Cup Wheels to stay true and balanced.

When the grinding wheel becomes glazed, loaded or out of shape, it must be dressed and trued. Dressing means sharpening a wheel. Truing means cutting the wheel so that there will be no high spots when the wheel is running. Every new wheel should be trued after mounting.

Heat-treated carbon steel cutters spin when applied against a moving grinding wheel to re-true and clean the wheel’s surface. Dressers are the only tool that will restore a grinding wheel to its original condition. Abrasive sticks and diamonds will re-true a wheel but will either clog or partially destroy a grinding wheel’s original surface grain structure. When properly used, a Grinding Wheel Dresser will extend the life and dramatically increase the efficiency of a grinding wheel.

Part Number Dresser No. Length Weight Grinding Wheel Diameter Grinding Wheel Face Dressing Face
HD1001 No. 0 Hooded 11.5" 1.5 lbs Up to 10" 2.0" .5"
HD1003 No. 2 Hooded 15.0" 5.0 lbs 16 to 36" 4.0" 1"

Huntington Replacement Cutters Specs:

Sets Part # Cutter O.D I.D. Thickness Cutting Face Cutter Set
HCS3001 No. 0 Regular 1-1/4" 1/4" 3/32" 1/2" 4 cutters, 2 spacers
HCS3007 No. 2 Regular 2-3/8" 19/32" 1/8" .875" 6 cutters, 2 spacers

Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 1.5 - 5.0
Manufacturer: Master Wholesale

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