Norton 4x4 Multi-Purpose Concrete Diamond Blade

Norton 4x4 Multi-Purpose Concrete Diamond Blade

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Norton 4x4 Multi-Purpose Concrete Diamond Blade
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Product Description

Multi-purpose laser welded blade for dry cutting a range of construction materials without sacrificing performance or price. Depth of cut is easily controlled with the patented depth-of-cut indicators cut into the steel core. Anti-crack gullets for enhanced safety cutting steel and metal (up to 5mm thick).


  • Anti-Crack Gullet - The patented ellipsoidal gullets increase safety while significantly decreasing the risk of core cracking under the harshest conditions.
  • Wear Indicator - A new segment design has a built-in blade life gauge to signify 1/3 or 2/3 usage so operator can plan blade change needs.
  • Patented Depth Indicators - The stroboscopic depth indicators cut into the steel core helps control the depth of each cut, providing a non-wearing directional arrow, which also keeps the blade cool.
12" 14"
Size 12 x .110 x 1/20mm 14 x .125 x 1/20mm
MAX RPM 6300 5460
Segment Height .393" .393"
Part Number 70184684548 70184684547

Porcelain Tile PeformanceNot Recommended
Marble PerformanceFair
Granite PerformanceFair
Hard Granite PerformanceGood
Brick/Block PerformanceExcellent
Asphalt PerformanceGood
Green Concrete PerformanceGood
Concrete PerformanceExcellent

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Norton
Size (L x W x H): 12" x12" x .110" / 14" x 14" x .125"
Net Weight (lbs.): 2.16 - 4.00
Blade Type: Segmented Rim
Arbor Size: 1", 20mm
Ceramic Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Glass Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Thickness: .110" / .125"
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry
Segment Height (in): .393"

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