Pearl Abrasive P4™ Crack-Chaser™ Blade

Pearl Abrasive P4 Crack-Chaser Concrete Saw Blade

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Pearl Abrasive P4™ Crack-Chaser™ Blade
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Product Description

The Pearl Abrasive Crack-Chaser concrete saw blade is engineered with a Direct Sintering Technology(DST), so that the diamond matrix is molecularly bonded to the core. Since there are no segments to fly off, the Crack-Chaser is the most effective and safest product for re-routing crevices and cracks. 


  • Designed to clean, route and repair cracks in concrete and other building materials.
  • Extra long life.
  • Engineered to quickly sink into cracks and crevices.
  • Wet or dry use.

Product Specifications

SKU: t-bl_pvm
Manufacturer: Pearl Abrasive
Blade Type: Continuous Rim
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry

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