Schluter Ditra Heat Membrane

At Master Wholesale we stock the full line of Schluter Ditra Heat and Ditra Heat Duo Membranes in rolls, sheet form, and by linear foot. Schluter DITRA-HEAT integrates customizable, comfortable electric floor warming with the functions associated with DITRA; uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, and support to ensure a durable and long lasting installation.

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Electric heating mats are designed for easy installation and are the quickest way to install in floor heating in most cases, when the floor is not already in place. Simply roll the mats out, keeping 4" - 6" between the mat and the wall, and secure to the sub-floor with double sided tape. Run your power source and control wires, and then cover with a cement mortar such as our Self Leveling Underlayment. Once the underlayment has cured, install your finished flooring. By purchasing in floor heating in a mat configuration, there is no need to string individual wires. These are our most popular in floor heating products for the do it yourself folks. Available in a large variety of sizes, and in both 120v and 240v.