Rubi TR-Magnet Series Tile Cutters w/ Case

The Rubi TR 600 and TR 710 Magnet Series Cutters are designed with a multipoint breaker and magnet system for easy and accurate scoring of tiles up to 9/16 in thick.
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The Rubi 600 and Rubi 710 TR-Magnet series tile cutters are designed to cut a variety of tiles with thicknesses of less than 9/16 inch. The multipoint breaker ensures good cutting quality in the execution of diagonal cuts from end to end. the TR-MAGNET stands out due to having a system fitted with the separator assembly, which allows the operator to work with one hand.

The MAGNET system locks the breaker, making it easier to score the ceramic tile and with better visibility. Also it apply the 1764 lbs. maximum power and obtain a clean and precise cut.  All models in the range of TR-MAGNET tile cutters feature a central pivot swivel square for quick and precise measurement of angular cuts in the -45 degrees to 0 degree to 45 degree range. The square is completed with a technical plastic lateral stop that allows pieces to be fixed in repetitive cuts.

The possibility of using the full range of RUBI interchangeable scoring wheels from 1/4" to 7/8", allows for adapting TR-MAGNET 600 and 710 Tile Cutters to each ceramic material. The tile cutters include two scoring wheels as standard: one of 1/4" for cutting the tile and another of 13/32” for glazed stoneware.


  • Fast cutting operation using a magnet. Easy to use even with one hand. Greater ease and cutting speed.
  • Reinforced components. Increased breaking power.
  • Features a central pivot swivel square for quick and precise measurement of angular cuts in the -45º to 0° to 45° range.
  • High visibility during scratching.
Max Cut Length 24" 28"
Tile Thickness 1/4-9/16'' 1/4-9/16"
Diagonally Cuts 17" x 17"' 20" x 20"
Max cutting height 1/8 - 9/16” 1/8 - 9/16”
Separator power 1764 lbs. 1764 lbs.
More Information
ManufacturerRubi Tools
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty
Size (L x W x H)33.46" x 13.39" x 6.3"
Max Length of Cut (in.)24" / 28"
Diagonally Cuts (in.)17" / 20"
Net Weight (lbs.)22.0 - 25.0
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