Schluter DITRA & DITRA XL Membrane

Schluter DITRA & DITRA XL are uncoupling / waterproofing membranes that are recommended for any even and load-bearing substrate such as plywood or OSB.
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Schluter-DITRA and Schluter DITRA XL are uncoupling and waterproofing membranes that are recommended for any even and load-bearing substrate such as: plywood and OSB; 24" o.c. truss and I-joist systems; green concrete; gypsum-based screeds; pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete; and radiant-heated floors. For most tile installations, Schluter - DITRA / DITRA XL eliminate the need for a second layer of plywood or for the use of cementitious backerboard. Schluter DITRA / DITRA XL ensure a lasting installation by allowing independent movement between the tile covering and the substrate. This eliminates the transfer of stresses from the substrate to the tile covering. In addition, These Schluter-DITRA Membranes are lighter, thinner, and easier to apply than any other underlayment.

Schluter Ditra XL & Schluter Ditra feature:

  • Exclusively designed for ceramic and stone tile surfaces
  • Neutralizes stress between the subfloor and tile surface, eliminating the main cause of cracking
  • Waterproofs and allows moisture in the substrate to evaporate
  • Allows ceramic tile installations over single-layer plywood (at least 5/8" thick over 16" o.c. floor joists), eliminating the need for a second sheet of plywood or backerboard
  • Ideal for interior and exterior tile and stone installations
  • DITRA: 1/8" x 3' 3"
  • DITRA XL: 5/16" x 3' 3"

Schluter Ditra comes in 39" width rolls. Ditra is sold by the linear foot.

Download DITRA Installation Handbook
Download DITRA Uncoupling Data Sheet

More Information
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Part NumberDITRA 30
Net Weight (lbs.)0.40 - 18.40
Size (L x W x H)1' x 3'3" x 1/8" - 45'6" x 3'3" x 1/8
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Question:How much sq foot comes in one roll?

Answer: 1784.25 sq ft in a roll

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