Schluter KERDI SHOWER L / LS Shower Pans

Schluter KERDI Shower Pans - Center Drain (L)

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Schluter KERDI SHOWER L / LS Shower Pans
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Product Description

Schluter KERDI-SHOWER-L and Schluter KERDI-SHOWER-LS Shower Pans are prefabricated sloped shower trays with integrated KERDI waterproofing membrane. These Schluter shower pans are specifically designed for installations using the Schluter KERDI-Line linear drain. The KERDI-SHOWER-L allows for the installation of a center drain whereas the KERDI-SHOWER-LS accommodates the installation of the drain along the perimeter of the shower.

KERDI-SHOWER prefabricated substrates are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with a high compressive strength. They provide a convenient, lightweight, and stable substrate for the KERDI waterproofing membrane and tile. The KERDI-BOARD prefabricated substrates are made of Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD. They integrate with the Schluter®-Shower System and provide a convenient, lightweight and stable substrate for tile with minimal steps to complete waterproofing. After the tile is installed and grouted, the assembly will support all the loads typical of tiled showers. This can include glass doors or glass block walls.

Schluter KERDI-SHOWER-L-LS Shower Pans feature:

  • Eliminates the need for a mortar bed
  • Reduces weight and installation time
  • Convenient integrated waterproofing
  • Floor can be sloped on a single plane to KERDI-LINE, which enables the use of large-format tiles and creates interesting design opportunities
  • Available with a center drain placement or perimeter drain placement

Download KERDI-SHOWER-L/-LS Installation Handbook
Download Schluter Shower Systems Data Sheet
Download Schluter Floor Drains Data Sheet
Download Schluter Next Generation Bathroom

Product Specifications

SKU: kerdi-l-ls
Manufacturer: Schluter
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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