SelectCrete Cement Backerboard - 3' x 5'

SelectCrete Cement Backerboard
SelectCrete Cement Backerboard - 3' x 5'
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Product Description

SelectCrete Cement Backerboard is a reliable, durable, and affordable cement board that meets or exceeds all ANSI and ASTM requirements, and is more advanced if not comparable in every category to the industry leading brands.
SelectCrete Cement Backerboard features: 
  • Tile bond - meets or exceeds tile industry standards for tile shear.
  • Mold resistant - meets or exceeds tile industry standards for resistance to bacteria and fungus growth.
  • Water durable - will not rot, warp, delaminate, or disintegrate when exposed to water.
  • Freeze/Thaw resistant - meets or exceeds tile industry standards for freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Score and snap - speeds up installation for increased productivity.
  • Dual surface texture - use mastics on smooth side for bonding material economy, and thin set mortars on the rought side for improved restinace to tile slip during installation.
  • Interior and Exterior application - one product for all high moisture applications.
  • Non-combustible - panel is fire safe and is used in fire resitant deigns.
Performance Properties ASTM Test 1/2"
Compressive Strength D 2394 0.012" @ 1250 PSI 0.05" @ 7100 PSI
Flexural Strength DC 947 1290 psi
Fastener Pull-through D 1037 217 lbs
Linear Variation (with moisture changes) D 1037 0.04%
Flame Spread and Smoke Development E 84 0/0
Wind Load E 330 30 lbs/sq ft.

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Manufacturer: SelectCrete, inc

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