Sigma 3C2 Tile Cutter 30"

Sigma 3C2 Tile Cutter - 30"

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Sigma 3C2 Tile Cutter 30"
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Product Description

Sigma tile cutters are large, heavy and stable, and ideal cutters for professional results with large format tiles. The Sigma 3C2 Tile Cutter can score and break 20" tiles on the diagonal, with a rip cut of up to 30".

Sigma 3C2 TIle Cutter features:

  • easy grip pull handle
  • diamond scoring wheel
  • spring loaded table
  • swiveling measurement bar equipped with inches in diagonal
  • cuts material between 1/16” and 3/4” inch thick
  • angles between -45 to + 45
  • Length of cut 30" (20" diagonal)

Sigma TIle Cutter Specs: 

 Sigma 3C2  
Size (L x W x H)  41" x 16" x 9" 
Length of Cut 30"
Diagonally Cuts 20"
Weight 25 lbs


Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Sigma
Warranty: Limited Warranty
Size (L x W x H): 41" x 16" x 9"
Max Length of Cut (in.): 30"
Max Depth of Cut (in): 3/4"
Diagonally Cuts (in.): 20"
Net Weight (lbs.): 25.00

Product Questions & Answers

Q: Is this a push or pull cutter?
Yes, this is a pull handle cutter.
Customer Support answered on March 27, 2018
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