Tenax Glaxs - 1 Liter

Tenax Glaxs is a new generation bi-component glue with zero yellowing to the sun and UV rays and will not stain white marbles and light color granites.

Brand: Tenax

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GLAXS BM7O GLUE is a new generation BI-component glue with zero yellowing to the sun and UV rays. It is transparent, sovent free, low viscosity and medium reactivity. The resin hardening time is minimally affected by the outside air temperature. The glue will not stain white marbles and light color granites.

  • Interior and exterior use 
  • No odor 
  • Not HAZMAT  

The Glue comes in premesaured packaging to have the right ratio of materials mixed when used completely. If less quantities are desired you need to get an elctronic scale and make sure you have the right ratio between A and B part. The Ratio is 100 parts A +70 parts B as an example you can mix 100 grams of A and 70 grams of B, or 50 parts of A and 35 of part B and so for. Always mix the Products in a clean plastic tub. Make sure water is not present and the mixing tools are clean. Ratio is very critical!.

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Net Weight (lbs.)2.35
Manufacturer Part NumberEGLAXSKIT
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Question:Can this be used to fill void in outdoor travertine pavers? Is there a video showing how to apply and what the end result will look like? Thanks

Answer: This product is not recommended as a sealer, it is more of a glue to bind pieces of stone together, like in countertop installation. you might checkout the Tenax Travertine Filler or some of the stone sealers from Glaze N Seal that we sell. We have added a video for Tenax Glaxs to show you how it is used and the product features.

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