Tenax Polytenax - 1 Liter

Tenax Polytenax - 1 Liter
Tenax Polytenax - 1 Liter
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Product Description

POLYTENAX is used to glue and laminate marble, granite and agglomerates. Fast, soft and easy to stir and spread. Stays vertical after mixing with the catalyst. The hardened product is smooth and shiny. Good stability to U.V. light.

Instruction for Use: Be sure that the marble to be treated is dry and clean. Remove required amounts of glue and add the catalyst paste in 2-3% ratios. Stir well. Do not return the unused glue to the can. If it is necessary to correct the color, use the coloring paste. Add the color before the catalyst and match the hue. An excess of color may influence the final characteristic of the glue. Keep the can closed tightly after each use.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 2.35
Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Tenax
Container Size: Liter

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