Tenax Uniblack1 - 1 Liter

Tenax Uniblack1
Tenax Uniblack1 - 1 Liter

Product Description

We suggest Uniblack 1 for eliminating the defects of black granite. Its application darkens the surface of the material and makes it more homogeneous. Quick drying formula.

Instructions for Use: The product must be evenly applied on dry and clean materials. The presence of water, dust or dirt may effect the uniformity of the surface.We suggest spreading the product using a brush or cloth. Let the wax dry completely, only a few minutes. Carefully buff the surface with a clean cloth or felt.The excess must be removed after the application. You will obtain an immediate effect .It is possible to apply by automatic waxing line. The product freezes at 0 / +1°C. It returns to liquid once at room temperature. Close can tightly after each use.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 2.35
Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Tenax
Container Size: Liter

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