Alpha Blades - Stone cutting blades

We stock a selection of high quality Alpha Blades for stone cutting, from the channel cutting Hot-Rod Blade and the Contour - Sinkhole Cutting Blade to the Numero Uno Blade. Alpha Tools makes a large selection of stone cutting diamond blades for tile saws, bridge saws, and handheld saws.

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Diamond blades for cutting stone come in a variety of configurations and sizes, depending on the stone to be cut, the tool being used and quality of the diamond abrasive matrix and blade disc itself. The harder the stone, the softer the diamond matrix should be on the blade, as a soft matrix will give up the diamond abrasive more easily, However, soft matrix diamond blades wear out faster. All things being equal, the longevity of a blade is based on the segment/rim height, taller rims will last longer. Stone cutting blades can be wet or dry use or both and can be continuous rim or segmented, and turbo blades are an option too. Continuous rim blades are the most accurate and provide the least chipping when cutting stone, while segmented rim blades are faster but more prone to chipping. Turbo blades, while generally being ok for dry use, usually split the difference in speed and propensity for chipping between segmented and continuous rim.