Bostik Webcrete 98 Premium Latex Cement Patch

Webcrete 98 Premium Latex Cement Patch
Bostik Webcrete 98 Premium Latex Cement Patch

Product Description

Webcrete 98 is a premium, fast-setting, specially formulated latex-fortified Portland cement patch for interior use. Webcrete 98 may be used to skim coat or feather edge finish up to 1/2" deep in one application. Floor covering can be installed in as little as an hour after application.

Webcrete 98 is extremely flexible and resilient for use to patch and smooth floors prior to the installation of ceramic tile, carpet, resilient and wood flooring. The high concentration of polymer in Webcrete 98, enables the use of this product as an embossed floor leveler when mixed only with water.

Available in 25lb units.

Product Specifications

SKU: d-webcrete_9825
Manufacturer: Bostik

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