Wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Base Extension - 60" x 12" - US3000035

wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Base Extension - 60 x 12

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Wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Base Extension - 60" x 12" - US3000035
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Product Description

The Wedi Fundo Ligno shower base extension (073732030) is a floor-level shower extension designed for use with Wedi Fundo Ligno shower bases. Unlike traditional shower elements, the Wedi shower system is designed to work without time-consuming leveling measures and it fits into its environment perfectly. This extension measures 60" x 12" and the slope is a uniform 1/4" per 12".

Note: The installation height must be increased if this extension is connected to Ligno shower bases which are thicker than 1.5" at the perimeter.


  • Extension has a uniform, predefined slope
  • Like all wedi products, this extension is 100% waterproof
  • Simple and safe to work with, cuts easily.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 5.16
Non-Returnable: Yes
Manufacturer: Wedi
MPN: US3000035
Size (L x W x H): 12" x 60" x 1/4”/ft

Product Questions & Answers

Q: How do i secure the extensions to the larger base?
Use Wedi Joint Sealant to connect shower base and base extension. If you have to cut the extension to fit, you will need to remake the z notch edge on the extension. Wedi has a youtube video that shows you how to do this, called .inHow to build a wedi Fundo Primo custom shower. .in I will add this video to our website page.
Customer Support answered on October 23, 2017
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