Wedi Vapor Barrier (US5000051)

Wedi Vapor Barrier - US5000051
Wedi Vapor Barrier (US5000051)
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Product Description

Whether installed in a steam room with commercial 24 hour use or in a residential steam shower, waterproof and insulating wedi Building Panels, combined with wedi Vapor Barrier form the industry’s first sufficient solution and effective barrier to protect your tiled steam room against the threat of water vapor transmission through walls or ceilings.

Many latex based waterproofing products may only work as vapor retarders when applied in thicknesses that are very difficult to apply on site. Many installation concepts may fail because they allow water vapor pressure to build up due to a lack of insulation in a wall or ceiling which may lead the chosen vapor retarder to fail.

Steam showers and rooms also require waterproofed surfaces just like general shower or wet rooms. The tricky part is, however, that it is not safe to assume that a vapor retarder layer can generally be a waterproofing layer that is able to withstand (liquid) water pressure and vice versa.

The wedi System offers the waterproof and vapor retarding XPS foam underlayment system with insulation value built in, and the surface added, strong liquid wedi Vapor Barrier which is also a waterproofing product.


wedi Vapor Barrier features:

  • Protects through its firm membrane barrier formationagainst water vapor migration
  • 100% mold and mildew proof due to the product‘s natural composition
  • Stable and ready to tile surface offers tenacious bond /adhesion to thinset mortar
  • Zero VOC/ Solvent formulation/ LEED contributing
  • Contributes to LEED (EQ 4.2=1 pt.)

wedi Vapor Barrier benefits:

  • No limitation to use of polymer or latex modified cement based thinset mortars and grouts.
  • Adequate for areas subject to extreme wetness and acute and sudden temperature changes such as in steam showers and steam rooms. 
  • Product works perfectly with epoxy based grouts/ thinsets as well.

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Product Specifications

Net Weight (lbs.): 1.98
Manufacturer: Wedi
MPN: US5000051

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