Product Availability and Stock Status

To give our customers the best information we can before placing an order, we indicate the stock status on products to the best of our ability. The stocked quantities on hand reflect recently quantities available and are integrated with our warehouse inventory system for real-time accuracy. Please realize we cannot guarantee 100% stock status accuracy for any products.

Sold in Store: This product is a normally stocked item in our store and is available for shipping or in-store purchase. If this product has multiple sizes or other configuration options, the quantity on hand will be indicate in the list of variations, or for a drop-down box, when a particular variation is selected.

On Order: This product is normally stocked in our store, but we are out of inventory.  This status reflects that the item is currently on order and we will ship as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. You may contact us for more specific shipping dates.  When there is a backorder on the item from the manufacturer that we have knowledge of, it will be indicated when the manufacturer will have the item in stock again.

Ships from Factory: This item is in stock at a distribution warehouse, and will be shipped from there, or will be shipped directly from the manufacturer.  For expedited shipping, the order will generally ship within 24 hours (during business hours).  Standard and free shipping usually takes 2-3 days on these items.  Some items which ship from factory are also stocked in-store, and our product page will reflect number on-hand if that is the case. In rare cases, we may ship stocked store items direct from the manufacturer, or items designated as shipping from manufacturer normally may be shipped out of our local warehouse. 

Special Order: This item is available as a special order. We will contact you with estimated delivery date.

On Backorder: This item is currently on backorder until the date specified, which reflects the anticipated date the manufacturer has informed us it will be available. These dates are not guaranteed as items may be available sooner or later in practice, in which case we will adjust the availability information.