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  • 5" Pearl Abrasive P4 General Purpose Flat Core Turbo Saw Blade

    Pearl Abrasive P4 General Purpose Flat Core Turbo Blade - 5"

    Shipping: Free
    The 5" Pearl Abrasive P4 General Purpose Flat Core Turbo Blade is a large 12mm rim turbo blade for concrete, masonry and natural stone.
  • MWI Multipurpose Turbo Diamond Blade - 4, 4.5, 5, & 7" available

    Master Wholesale Multi-Purpose Turbo Diamond Blade

    $6.30 to $18.19
    Shipping: Free w/ $49 Order
    This Multipurpose Turbo Blade is a high performance, yet economical diamond blade that excels at cutting a variety of hard and soft natural stone, tile and concrete. (4, 4.5, 5, & 7" available)
  • Husqvarna VH5 Concrete and Masonry Blade

    Husqvarna VH5 14" Concrete / Masonry Blade

    Shipping: Free w/ $99 Order
    The Husqvarna VH5 is a general purpose and economical blade ideal for cutting brick and cured concrete.
  • 14" 46424

    Norton Paradigm Hard Aggregates Blade

    $307.45 to $1,011.79
    Shipping: Free
    Hard aggregate blade with Paradigm technology that combines a unique specification blend for long life and faster blade speeds on higher power flat saws.

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

We carry a broad assortment of tools for mixing, pouring, cutting and finishing concrete. We stock a large selection of diamond blades for concrete saws from manufacturers like MK Diamond, Diteq, RockMaster, Diamax and Diamond Products. Other diamond products include core drills and coring bits for concrete, and diamond grinding cups for rough finishing.

For mixing concrete and mortar, we carry the very popular Imer and MK Diamond lines of cement mixers. For finishing concrete, we offer trowels from Marshalltown, and our own Master Wholesale brand.