Alpha Polishing Pads

We stock a large selection of Alpha Polishing Pads and Discs for all of your stone polishing needs with multiple grades and grits available, including the Alpha PVA, PVA VP, Ceramica, and Ceramica EX pads.

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  • Alpha PVA QC (Quick Change) Marble Polishing Kit

    Alpha PVA QC Quick Change Polishing Kit

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    The Alpha PVA QC Assortment kit includes a 40, 80, 220, 400, and 600 grit pad and is designed for use on an aluminum snail-lock backer plate. (Sold Separately)
  • Alpha PVA MS Kit - 2x; 40, 80, 220, 400, 600 grit pads

    Alpha PVA MS Kit - Assorted Grits

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    The Alpha PVA MS Kit is a dry polishing system used to polish marble edges and is ideal for baseboard, corner and countertop edge applications.
  • Alpha PVA VP Polishing Pads/Discs -Medium 220 Grit

    Alpha PVA VP Polishing Pads/Discs - Multiple grits

    Shipping: Free w/ $49 Order
    Alpha PVA VP Polishing Pads are versatile, high-speed, dry polishing discs made of a silica carbide with varying grits and work with most high speed angle grinders and polishers.

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Wet diamond polishing pads are designed for polishing natural and engineered stone with a center-feed wet polisher or grinder. Wet pads are faster than dry polishing, can be used at a higher speed, and are generally more durable than dry pads. However, due to flying water and general mess they create, are often not practical for use on previously installed surfaces.

Dry diamond polishing pads are an excellent choice for polishing natural stone. While there is some mild dust, the lack of water for cooling the pad and stone surface makes for easier clean up. Our high quality dry pads will give the same great results and high polish as wet pads, however allow more time to get the job done than if you were using wet pads. Never use dry pads on engineered stone as the heat generated can melt the resin.

A variable speed polisher or grinder works well with dry pads as it allows a lower speed appropriate for dry polishing.