Slab Handling Tools

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  • Abaco New Generation Lifter

    Abaco New Generation Lifter

    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for lifting and moving slab-form loads with smooth surfaces. Can be used in or outdoors. Available in 5 sizes.
  • Abaco Fabrication Stand (set of 2)

    Abaco Fabrication Stand (set of 2)

    Shipping: Standard
    Support slabs for polishing, shaping, cutting and many other purposes. Rubber covered top protects slabs from being damaged.
  • Abaco Glass Lifter

    Abaco Glass Lifter

    $620.00 to $690.00
    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for transporting glass sheets safely and securely with its fully automated jaws clamping on both sides, requiring minimal labor.
  • Abaco Slab Buggy

    Abaco Slab Buggy

    Shipping: Standard
    Pneumatic tires allow for easy transport on rough surfaces. Casters are positioned outside of the steel frame for added stability. 800 lb. capacity.
  • Abaco Slab Forklift Boom

    Abaco Slab Forklift Boom

    Shipping: Standard
    Designed for use with 2 and 2.5 ton forklift trucks, when fully extended, the boom reaches 94-1/2". Can be used with all Abaco machine lifters.
  • Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame

    Abaco Heavy Duty Truck A-Frame

    Shipping: Standard
    Two Standard Abaco A-Frames joined by four cross bars which extend the overall length to 1524mm. It comes with angled timber blocks to protect material.
  • Abaco Slab Ratchet Seam Setter

    Abaco Slab Ratchet Seam Setter

    Shipping: Standard
    Provides a quick and easy solution for accurate and safe positioning of countertops.
  • Abaco 10' Slab Rack

    Abaco 10' Slab Rack

    Shipping: Standard
    Ideal for shops with limited storage as it can handle many pieces of different sized materials. Ships with 2 base rails and 20 poles.
  • Abaco Truck Slab A-Frame

    Abaco Truck Slab A-Frame

    Shipping: Standard
    Constructed of two standard a-frames joined by a single crossbar, this truck bed A-frame holds 12,000 lbs per side.
  • Abaco Long Slab Dolly

    Abaco Long Slab Dolly

    Shipping: Standard
    This long slab carrying trolleys has two pneumatic tire rubber wheels, with vulcanized rubber to protect slabs from chips and scratches.
  • Slab Lamination Clamp

    Abaco Stone Slab Lamination Clamps

    $179.00 to $244.20
    Shipping: Standard
  • Abaco Kitchen Slab Processing Table

    Abaco Kitchen Slab Processing Table

    Shipping: Free
    Table top tilts from being flat to various degrees for you to work more comfortably, can handle slabs up to 1-1/2" thick. Includes casters.
  • Abaco Apron w/ Abaco Logo Velcro Strips on Front

    Abaco Apron w/ Abaco Logo Velcro Strips on Front

    Shipping: Free w/ $49 Order
    • Quick snap straps for fast and easy fit
    • Double layered for extra protection
    • Velcro strips help quickly access polishing pads
  • Abaco Scissor Clamp

    Abaco Scissor Clamps

    $219.00 to $273.46
    Shipping: Standard
    Auto-locking scissor clamps for lifting single slabs. All natural rubber provides a better grip.
  • Abaco 8" Slab Dolly

    Abaco 8" Slab Dolly

    Shipping: Standard
    8" long slab dolly with vulcanized rubber channel and solid rubber wheels. Used to move material around the shop and job site.
  • Abaco Swivel Shackle

    Abaco SWS-02 Swivel Shackle For Slab Lifters

    Shipping: Standard
    The swivel shackle can be used with lifters and booms and allows rotating material 360 degrees. 1500 lb. capacity.
  • Replacement Locking Latch Set for Abaco Slab Lifter

    Replacement Locking Latch Set for Abaco Slab Lifter

    Shipping: Standard
    Replacement Locking Latch Set for Little Giant slab lifters.
  • Double Sided Slab Buggy

    Abaco Double Sided Slab Buggy

    Shipping: Standard
    Compact with maximum stability. This buggy can hold 660 lbs per side, or 1320 lbs Total. Self-locking swivel casters.
  • Abaco Working Table

    Abaco Working Table with Casters

    Shipping: Standard
    Rubber lined work table is made of 18 gauge steel. Contains built in brackets. Holds 660 lbs.
  • Abaco M3 Self-Locking Slab Dolly

    Abaco SLT13M3 Self-Locking Slab Dolly with Kickstand

    $416.95 to $444.28
    Shipping: Standard
    Self-locking jaws for maneuvering glass and stone slabs around the shop, warehouse, or on work sites.
  • Abaco Crossbar For Truck A-Frame

    Abaco Crossbar For Truck A-Frame

    Shipping: Standard
    Cross bar and bolts for Abaco Truck A-Frame TAF060, ETAF060, TAF060-G, and ETAF060-G.
  • Swing Arm Forklift Boom

    Abaco Swing Arm Forklift Boom

    Shipping: Standard
    Truck bed mounted boom for use with lifting a variety of loads. extendable boom with locking pin.
  • Stonemason Water Protection Sleeves

    Abaco Stonemason Water Protection Sleeves (pair)

    Shipping: Standard
    Stonemason Sleeves fit snugly around the wrist and upper sleeve area to prevent clothes from getting soaked during wet grinding.
  • RTC Scissor Lift

    RTC Scissor Lift - Reduced Thickness Handling System

    Shipping: Free
    The RTC Scissor Lift is an ideal portable handling system for thin tile panels, and once in place the lift can be turned over for easy back-buttering of mortar.

Set Descending Direction

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Everything you need to handle slabs; lifters, suction cups, clamps, dollies, working/processing tables, forklift booms, and fabrication stands from Abaco and Master Wholesale.