Abrasive Technologies Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound 1 Liter

Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound

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Abrasive Technologies Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound 1 Liter
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Product Description

Dia-Glo™ brand buffing compounds are formulated to achieve the best possible finish on stone surfaces. Easy to use, they quickly produce a mirror-like finish. These compounds can be used in stone fabricating shops, for floor restoration and for maintenance buffing.

The Dia-Glo M™ brand compound is formulated for marble surfaces, and also performs well on terrazzo and agglomerated marble.

The Dia-Glo D™ brand compound is designed for dark granite. Its dark hue will not accentuate normal microscopic cracks on dark granite surfaces and will bring out the rich color and gloss on medium to dark stones.

The Dia-Glo L™ brand compound is designed for light colored granite.

The Dia-Glo S™ brand compound system is a three-part system to be used for restoring black granite to its original high gloss and deep color.

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Manufacturer: Abrasive Technologies

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