Alpha Ceramica Resin Polishing Pads - 4"

Alpha Ceramica Resin Polishing Pads - 4"

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Alpha Ceramica Resin Polishing Pads - 4"
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Product Description

Alpha Ceramica Resin Polishing Pads/Discs are the backbone of the polishing process. These high performance discs provide the best possible professional polish on the curved edges of granite. The polish obtained from using these discs is usually higher than the original factory polish.

Tile contractors are impressed by the variety of applications in which Alpha Ceramica Resin discs can be used. Heat sintered in a mold with a durable resin compound, these discs are extremely flexible with consistent performance.

The original Alpha Ceramica Resin Pads/Discs are available in 150, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 grits. This grit sequence is specifically formulated to provide the best possible finish. Alpha® Ceramica Resin discs are designed for wet granite hand polishing and work extremely well in tight curved areas such as inside sinkholes for under-mount sinks. Alpha Ceramica Resin discs are a good combination of cost-effectiveness and superb results.

4" Alpha Ceramica Resin Polishing Pads are available in the following grits:

Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Grit Color
GP40150R 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 150 Yellow
GP40300R 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 300 Orange
GP40500R 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 500 Red
GP41000R 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 1000 Dark Green
GP42000R 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 2000 Light Green
GP43000R 4"  4,000 Hook & Loop 3000 Brown

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Alpha Tools
Warranty: 30 Days Parts/Labor
Pad Size: 4"
Wet or Dry: Wet Only

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