Diamax Cyclone Mesh Turbo Blade - Porcelain and Tile

Diamax Cyclone Mesh Turbo Blade - 5"

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Diamax Cyclone Mesh Turbo Blade - Porcelain and Tile
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Product Description

The Diamax Cyclone Mesh Blades have a new and improved rim for even less chipping on all surfaces. The blade features a thick center hub for added stability. The design of this blade minimizes heat from friction, extending the life of the blade.

Note: The Cyclone 5" mesh rim blade is designed specifically for making straight cuts on porcelain tile and harder granites (softer stones and tile will quickly glaze over the diamond matrix). This blade is very sensitive to lateral pressure: do not attempt to cut a radius or apply pressure to the side of the blade as it will fracture at the rim. This is considered misuse of the product and is not warranted.

Cyclone Mesh Diamond Blade Specs:

Item Number  Size Max RPM Arbor
TBP45 4.5"  13,200 5/8" - 7/8" - 22mm  
TBP50 5" 12,200 5/8" - 7/8" - 22mm
TBP70 7" 8,600 5/8" - DKO
TBP100 10" 6,100 1" - 7/8" - 5/8"



Porcelain Tile PeformanceExcellent
Marble PerformanceGood
Granite PerformanceGood
Hard Granite PerformanceGood
Brick/Block PerformanceFair
Green Concrete PerformanceNot Recommended
Concrete PerformanceGood

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Diamax
Blade Type: Continuous Rim Turbo
Arbor Size: 5/8", 7/8", 22mm
Ceramic Tile Peformance: Good
Glass Tile Peformance: Not Recommended
Wet or Dry: Wet or Dry

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1 Customer Reviews

Excellent porcelain blade
This is a solid little blade and cuts through porcelain, ceramic and marble with ease. Use only with straight cuts, as recommended by the manufacturer. If you apply pressure on side of blade they may fracture.
Review by Brando / (Posted on 11/29/2017)
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