Imer Silent 300 Prestige Pumping & Spraying Machine

Imer Silent 300 Prestige Pumping and Spraying Machine

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Imer Silent 300 Prestige Pumping & Spraying Machine

Product Description

The Imer Silent 300 Prestige is a compact yet powerful machine for pumping or spraying of mortars, grouts, block-fill, stuccos, fire-proofing, the Silent 300 delivers like no other. The Silent 300 can be sent to a jobsite with all the available features that are needed to get the job done. A diesel motor powers the hydraulic pumps in the Silent 300 to deliver material when you need it. Use it in block filling applications instead of a forklift and a grout box. Place the Silent 300 under a silo for maximum efficiency to get the job done.

Built and designed with the highest technology the Silent 300 will not disappoint. A 3 cylinder, 20HP diesel engine resides under the hood to power the mixer, pump and compressor allowing the pump to become an all-in-one spray machine. The Silent 300 works in pumping grout in the first stage of work for soil stabilization and drilling applications - to finish work like spraying stucco on high end homes. This pump is truly versatile and is comfortable in any environment producing proven results.

The Silent 300 comes with a 2L6 adjustable stator which can be outfitted with an IM25L stator which can handle aggregates up to 3/8" (percentages, ratios and cement content affect output). An optional 60.12 stator can be outfitted onto the Silent 300 when flow is the most important aspect of the job.

There are 3 main components of the Silent 300; Pump, mixer and compressor. The rapid mixing, high shear mortar mixer can produce batch after batch quickly of high quality blended cement.


Hopper Capacity 53 gallons
Mixer Drum Capacity 9 CF
Mixer Drum Output 6 CF
Max Pumping Distance Vertical 150' - 300' material permitting
Max Air Volume / Pressure 14 CFM @ 45 PSI
Max Aggregate Size 2L6 Stator 1/4"
Engine Lombardini Diesel 3 Cyl. 20 HP
Drivetrain Diesel over hydraulic
Pressure Washer 2000 PSI AR Hydraulic Pump
Startup Lockout Standard, Computer Controlled
Mixer Operation Fully Hydraulic / Reversible
Hoses Included 3 x 33' material hose 1-3/8" (35 mm)
53' + 66' air hose 9/16" (13 mm)

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Product Specifications

SKU: 1106133
Manufacturer: Imer
Warranty: One Year Warranty
MPN: 1106133
Drum Size: 9 CF
Motor: Lombardini Diesel 3 Cyl
HP: 20
Size (L x W x H): 131.5" x 53.5" x 53"
Net Weight (lbs.): 1653.00

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