RockMaster 4" Supreme Dry Polishing Pads

4" RockMaster diamond dry polishing pads are great for use on marble and feature velcro backing for easy change out. Available in multiple grits. Made in Korea.
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RockMaster Supreme Diamond Dry Polishing Pads are great for use on marble and granite. The high diamond content and our unique resin formulation result in very long life and a very high quality, professional shine. Available in a variety of grits, and as a 7 piece set. These long lasting pads can last even longer if used with water when convenient.

Made in Korea.

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Size (L x W x H)4" x 4" x 1/8"
Pad Size4"
Wet or DryWet or Dry
Net Weight (lbs.)0.1
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Question:What is the max speed for Rock master supreme? I'm under 3000 rpm and the resin seems to be melting. I'm getting a swirl that I can not get rid of.

Answer: A few variables here. depending on the type of stone you are polishing and the color of that stone. If you are polishing a white marble, best to only go to about an 800 grit, or switch to sand paper. Also If you are dry polishing, make sure you have the dry polishing pads. If you have further questions I suggest calling us, and asking for Blake, he will get you dialed in on your polishing job.

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