Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters - 62N, 72N, 92N

Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutter and included Carrying Case

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Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters - 62N, 72N, 92N
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Product Description

The new SPEED-N range of tile cutters are perfect for the frequent cutting of tiles and glazed stoneware, and occasionally of porcelain stoneware. Featuring double guides, the Speed-N cutters offer better visibility during scoring and cutting. They have a mobile breaker that facilitates performing angular cuts.  With the millimetric lateral stop for repetitive cuts and its 45º square, it becomes a complete and functional cutter, for comfortable, high-quality work.

These tile cutters are fitted with guides made of solid, chromed and rectified 3/4" diameter steel, with anti-corrosion treatment to facilitate scoring and greater durability.
One feature of this range of tile cutters is the possibility of exchanging scoring to best fit each type of ceramic tile and to ensure the life of the scoring wheels. It comes with a 5/16" scoring wheel, although other compatible scoring wheels are the 1/4" and 13/32” versions.

The SPEED-N cutters are available in three sizes; Speed N 62, Speed N 72, and Speed N 92 and are able to cut 24", 28" and 36" tiles, and are perfect for cutting tiles and stoneware, both for straight and diagonal cuts, offering greater cutting precision.


  • Reinforced components. Increased breaking power.
  • Chromed steel guides with anti-rust treatment for greater durability.
  • Aluminum base for greater toughness
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  Speed-62 N Speed-72 N Speed-92 N
Max Cut Length 24" 28-3/8" 36-1/4"
Diagonal cutting length 18" x 18" 20" x 20" 25" x 25"
Cutting height 3/16" - 7/8" 3/16" - 7/8" 3/16" - 7/8"

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Rubi Tools
Size (L x W x H): 30" x 8.5" x 11.8" - 41" x 8.5" x 11.8"
Max Length of Cut (in.): Speed-62: 24" / Speed-72: 28-3/8" / Speed-92: 36-1/4"
Diagonally Cuts (in.): 18" / 20" / 25"
Net Weight (lbs.): 15.45 - 26.9

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