SunTouch® SlabHeat™ Cables 120v

SunTouch SlabHeat Cables 120v

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SunTouch® SlabHeat™ Cables 120v
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Product Description

SlabHeat™ offers a simple way to provide radiant heat to a concrete slab, regardless of its size, shape, or thickness. The electric slab heating solution is engineered to handle the rigors of a concrete installation and produce sufficient capacity for electric slab heating or space heating.

  • It installs over an existing slab in a “slab cap” or in a new slab.
  • The in-floor heating solution produces comfortable, even heat without the drying effects of forced air. It does not promote circulation of pathogens or allergens.
  • SlabHeat provides silent, maintenance-free heated flooring without vents or ductwork.
  • Its polyurethane outer jacket offers superior flexibility, as well as abrasion and tear resistance, to provide heated flooring for basements, garages, and other concrete floor surfaces.
Item # 4" OC Coverage 6" OC Coverage Length Amp Draw
81014956 50 Sq. Ft. 75 Sq. Ft. 146' 6.3
81014957 66 Sq. Ft. 98 Sq. Ft. 193' 8.3
81014958 82 Sq. Ft. 122 Sq. Ft. 241' 10.3
81014959 100 Sq. Ft. 149 Sq. Ft. 294' 12.5
81014960 144 Sq. Ft. 170 Sq. Ft. 336' 14.3

OC = on center

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Product Specifications

SKU: ST 81014
Manufacturer: SunTouch
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Voltage: 120
Net Weight (lbs.): 4.5 - 8.0

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