In this video Master Wholesale President Blake Adsero compares an Imer Bridge Saw to a Dewalt Tile Saw with a sliding table. These are two different approaches to the same result of getting the cleanest and straightest cut on the tiles you are cutting. Each saw has it's advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the Imer, this is a large and some what heavier tile cutting saw, but it's advantage comes in when you need to cut larger tiles. This is because it does not have an arm mounting the motor and tile saw blade to the saw base that can get in the way when cutting across longer tiles. It can produce miter cuts at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees, and is more stable making precise cuts with ease.
Next we have the Dewalt Wet Tile Saw. This saw is lighter, easier to maneuver around the worksite, and less expensive but has it's drawbacks as well. For cutting large format tiles the bridge saw is going to have the most available cutting angles, giving it better versatility. The Dewalt will do miter cuts at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees only. Both of these tile cutting saws are very well made and each has it's place in the tile setter's arsenal. It just depends what exactly you are looking for in a tile saw.